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Tejon Ranch History podcast

Apr 16, 2021

Getting from Tejon Ranch to Los Angeles is fairly easy these days.

That wasn’t always the case. The Butterfield route took more than 30 hours from San Bernardino by way of Los Angeles to get to Fort Tejon.

Listen in to learn more about the dusty roads and stagecoaches that once ruled Tejon. 

Mar 25, 2021

In episode 14, Barry Zoeller explores the continuing relationship between the land, the history, the agriculture, and even and the growing cattle population–all that helped accelerate the growth of the Ranch.

Mar 12, 2021

In episode 13, Barry Zoeller discusses how sheep gave rise to the business empire at the Ranch, a time in history also surrounded by a new oil refining process, a horrible drought, and the Long Depression in 1878. 

Feb 15, 2021

In episode, 12 we dive into a series of episodes that explores a time when the “flock was king.” (Hint: sheep and cattle stock, new wealth, streetcars, and the booming economy that they all drove.) 

Jan 29, 2021

In episode 11, Barry continues to explore Edward Fitzgerald Beale’s role not only at the Ranch but his other roles, including surveyor-general, his relationship with President Lincoln, and the looming American Civil War.